Rosario Vampire. Koko x Yukari.
I tried to make these in order, but got distracted on Jesseka's story.
Then at the end of the year last year I had to finish up bits and pieces.
As usual I really didn't plan it out correctly and this comic takes
place before the one about Toki pulling pranks with contacts.
Still works. Sorta.

Brain Guy by mjkrzak. Splatter House 2: Rick.Sega Mega Drive and Genesis. 29 Second Hero by Mjkrzak.  Aleph by Mjkrzak.  Alia by Mjkrzak.  Arc by mjkrzak.  Axl by mjkrzak.  Asuka Langley Soryu by Bendilin and Big Papa Sonic.

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What Butters the Bread.  Of Blood and Turnips.

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